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2K MT Central packs

If you love basketball and love the game of NBA 2K series, then you should definitely have the 2K MT central app in your device. This app is a companion to the NBA 2K18 series, especially to the MyTeam mode.  It has the complete roster of all the players in the NBA and a complete database on each of them and is a must have for everyone who plays the MyTeam mode in NBA2K17.

The MyTeam mode is about building your own team in the NBA using virtual player cards.  You can select the players, the logo of the team, the jersey and then play with the other teams to win tournaments and some much needed game currency.  There are also cards that you can buy which will give you more player options and other items like VC (Virtual currency).

The 2K MT central packs gives you access to not only high valued player cards (diamond cards) but also to some VC and other gaming features. Your experience gaming in the MyTeam mode is much more enhanced when you use the 2K MT central app and the 2K MT central pack. Apart from giving you constant updates on the players’ rosters, card attributes and creation of the lineup, the app also has some of the best gaming features like,

  1. Option to search and filter for your desired player card.
  2. Creating your own customized lineup
  3. Simulating a pack even when you are away from your console.
  4. An option to enjoy in game pack opening anywhere with the help of a draft mode. ( a simulated pack opening).
  5. Comparison of players and their vital statistics.
  6. Information on any roster update.

Most importantly, the app works wonderfully on both the iOS and the Android platforms giving you unlimited gaming experience.

How to progress in NBA 2k17 MyCareer

How to progress in NBA 2k18 MyCareer

MyCareer option in NBA 2K18 allows the player to build their career (career of a fictional player) from the scratch.  The player has the option to customize the looks of the player, his attributes and play right from the college games to the entry into NBA. There are both basketball games to be played and off the court activities to take part in.  With a storyline, the mode is almost like scripting your own story.

Nba 2k18 my career attributes

How to progress in NBA 2k17 MyCareer

There are a few things you can do to improve your performance in the MyCareer mode.

  1. Keep practicing. There are multiple exercises and practice sessions available on the game which can be used by the players to not only build on their character but also to build more coins in their account. There are also gym exercises that will award certain characteristics to the players like athleticism.
  2. When you are practicing with the team, then the player can make more points by sprinting or by making some free throws.
  3. Try to keep your performance natural and not forced. Play safely and play to your strengths. This way, you can easily ensure that you are drafted into the top 10 list for further play.
  4. There are a lot of attributes that a player can gain as part of the game and practice sessions. But make sure that your attributes match with your position that you play in. For instance, if you are a forward then you should not focus too much on rebounding. However, do not ignore these attributes completely either.
  5. It is not just about scoring points that will help you improve in your career in the game. You also need to play with the team and you need to play well at

NBA 2K18 aims at giving a natural basketball playing experience. Play it like a game on court and you are sure to win.